Re-model & Renovation Specialists since 2014.
CA Contractors Lic.# 1036827

FaceLift Construction, Inc.
doesn’t just build houses,
We help build dreams.

Our Services


FaceLift Construction, Inc. takes pride in the careful design and construction of all of our custom designed and renovated kitchens. Because your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, it should be a place for comfort, utility, and pleasure for the entire family.


From custom showers and heated floors, tile and stone or granite and marble, the only limitation is your imagination. Our custom bathrooms incorporate the finest quality hardware and materials ensuring your bathroom will be built as good as it looks.

Interior Rennovation

Looking to add more room in your living room, den, or bedroom? You let us know your dream and we’ll help you re-engineer your living space to accommodate your vision.  From small fixes to large ones, we do the job On-time, On-budget, and right the First Time.

New Construction

Want to expand your bedroom, living room, or patio area with more square footage. Looking to add another floor on your existing home? FaceLift Construction Inc. has the expertise and knowhow to create innovative new construction projects for your up-scale home.

Why FaceLift Construction, Inc.?

Competitive Pricing

FaceLift Construction, Inc. takes pride in providing our client’s with the most competitive prices for the high-quality work we perform.  We price competitively and never sacrifice quality.

Happy Customers

FaceLift Construction, Inc. has a reputation of up-scale home building quality & customer service coupled with excellent quality craftsmanship that is well known throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA.

Innovative Designs

FaceLift Construction, Inc. is not a “Me Too” contractor who does the same thing over and over with little variations. Our design team is on the cutting edge of new architectural ideas creating a unique masterpiece with every new design we take on.

Featured Work

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